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Digital economy trends that are impacting organisations now! Are you ready?

Updated: May 31, 2022

"Whether you're new to the workforce or part of C suite, the digital economy represents a huge change in how you'll manage, lead and work."

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A digital marketing strategy defines what actions will be taken to achieve business results online.

Usually, this strategy has common objectives: Like any form of marketing, a digital strategy begins with identifying an ideal customer persona but, what else should be considered? After all, no matter who communicates on your behalf or which digital platform you’re on, the message is what matters, right? Not always - what about delivering the message?

In this article, we focus on 6 areas you should consider when developing your digital marketing strategy in taking your ideal customer persona to market.

These 6 focus areas are a great place to start working to establish your Digital Marketing Strategy:

  • Marketing automation strategy

  • Multi-touch campaigns

  • SEO marketing

  • Technology stack development

  • Drip campaigns

  • eMail Marketing

Marketing automation strategy - Automation tools are an integral part of a well-made digital marketing strategy, from campaign management to lead nurturing to marketing analysis. Managing a large volume of marketing campaigns manually is a recipe for failure. Figuring out how to automate your marketing processes for greater efficiency is a critical component of a successful marketing strategy.

Multi-touch campaigns - multi-touch campaigns allow you to find and make contact not only with your existing customer base but, perhaps more importantly to find new customers where they are and to draw them closer to you. Know that multi-touch campaigns will be a key weapon in your arsenal to make contact and retain contact with your audience in multiple ways of locations, e.g., via email, social media channels, on your website's blog or podcast.

C-suite will need to consider how digital campaigns will work in your company's current processes and who needs to be involved in the planning. One of the most important things is planning to include all your staff in the planning process to come up with a digital strategy that everyone can be enthusiastic about.

Ready to start working in the digital economy?

SEO marketing - SEO in layman’s terms is about getting a website at the top of search engines like Google so that it gets more visitors and may make more produce more leads resulting in increased revenue.

Additionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website, to improve its visibility and ranking on the search engine results pages. SEO is not a simple process. It requires an individual to focus on multiple factors to develop a comprehensive, effective SEO strategy.

When optimizing a website, it is crucial to remember that this entails more than simply optimizing the site with the terms generally used by potential customers. You also need to understand which search engines your target audience uses, what are the common things they regularly search for, and what words they use to search. SEO not only focuses on making the website optimized for search engines, but also makes it relevant for the target audience.

Technology stack development - Talk2Us supports and advocates the use of Joomla and Mautic as its technology of stack of choice, both are open-source and they come with super capabilities.

  • Joomla, also spelled Joomla! and sometimes abbreviated as J!, is a free and open-source content management system for publishing web content on websites.

  • Mautic is the world's first Open-Source Marketing Automation platform. It was created by DB Hurley and launched in 2014 as an Open-Source project under the GPL v3 license and it was acquired by Acquia in 2019.

“With Mautic, Acquia is now the only open and open-source alternative to the expensive, closed, and stagnant marketing clouds. Open Source will disrupt every component of the modern technology stack. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when.”

Mautic Process Flow
Mautic Process Flow

Drip campaigns - A drip campaign is a sequence of automated, targeted emails that can be triggered by various customer actions. These campaigns give you the ability to engage your customers in an incredibly efficient and relevant way, serving several key marketing purposes.

Nurturing leads. Most prospects are not ready to buy when you initially contact them. With a drip campaign, you can smoothly lead prospects through the entire customer journey from awareness to conversion.

To retain customers, a drip campaign can be a successful tool. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that current customers will continue to purchase from you, so it is wise to use a drip campaign to keep them engaged with your brand. It is much more likely that you will retain customers when you provide them with a stream of emails with helpful information, recommendations, and offers.

Introduce yourself. A drip campaign can be a great way to introduce yourself to new customers or inform existing customers about new products and services.

Email marketing - One of the main benefits of email marketing is that your content can be highly personalized to your audience's needs. Your emails might have variations including different images or subject lines to increase your engagement. You can even create segmented lists based on geography or engagement levels.

Whether you're new to the workforce or part of C-suite, the digital economy represents a huge change in how you'll manage, lead and work and therein an opportunity.

What does the digital revolution mean for you, in the context of your digital marketing strategy?

It is often said that no matter what you do in life, change is inevitable. This has never been truer than in the wake of the digital revolution. For example, technology impacts not only business, but also our daily lives. This change occurs in many ways.

For one, technology plays a significant role in how we work. It has no doubt changed the way we communicate with each other. It has even altered what we do for a living. For instance, it is hard to think about an organisation without the need for a sound digital marketing strategy that can be implemented and supported through sound systems and technologies that will help grow your company from good to great.

"We believe that we can not only help you develop your digital marketing strategy, but also to help you put an awesomely powerful technology stack in place that will take it to market successfully."


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