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So, your organisation has acquired Microsoft 365, now what?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Let us guide you on your bespoke Microsoft 365 Adoption journey. The business landscape is changing. Employees seek purpose and satisfaction. Employers aim to harness worker ingenuity and performance.

Microsoft 365 - Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps that help you stay connected and get things done.
Microsoft 365 - Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps that help you stay connected and get things done.

A diverse, multi-generational workforce can now work anytime, anywhere. Success depends on your ability to collaborate and drive productivity within teams spread across the globe. Microsoft created Microsoft 365 to meet these evolving business needs. It is a suite of powerful tools that optimise collaboration and productivity in today’s corporate landscape.

We understand that adopting new technology involves change, and change can be daunting even for the most innovative, cutting-edge organisations. Let us be your guide in getting to grips with all that can be achieved with Microsoft 365 and to help you accelerate your adoption processes.

Using an easy-to-follow how-to guide that walks you and your team, step-by-step, through the best way to roll out Microsoft 365 to your organization, we’ll get you there quicker, using Microsoft’s tried and tested framework, helping you to build your customised ‘way of working’ into a MS365 driven approach resulting in adoption and delivering a performance driven hybrid working model.

Remember, you are not in this alone. There are many organisations who are currently launching Microsoft 365 technologies so best practices have been established and used as frameworks to get you going.

The way we work is becoming more connected, let’s connect the way we work.

Why does adoption matter? The successful adoption of new technology requires behaviour change. And change is uncomfortable. It takes more than learning a new app. It's a fundamentally different way of working. This change is about people, their behaviours, and habits, moving people through change – letting go, going neutral to obtaining change and adoption. We're here to help.

We know from experience...

  • Change doesn't happen automatically. Most employees don't want to use new technology rolled out by their organisation – We’ll help you manage resistance.

  • CEOs matter. When CEO’s engage and sponsor the change, research shows that transformation projects are 70% more successful. We’ll help you obtain sponsor buy in and presence.

  • Setting targets is key. A well-defined set of financial and operational targets is a key component to successful transformation. We’ll help you to build a ROII return on Innovation Investment model.

  • Learn from each other. Learning from co-workers is one of the most effective ways to adopt new technology.

We’ll help you to roll out a change agent network in your business.

Contact Us today, let’s get this done!


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