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Search, find, experience… or not much?

Updated: May 31, 2022

As I navigate my way through our ‘almost’ post pandemic world I have come to realise that certain changes will leave a permanent mark and have a long-lasting effect on our way of looking at things, changing our attitude and behaviours far into the future. These changes, as subtle as they may be, will affect business for sure.

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A change of ownership, followed by a buy-out, high churn of front-line people, who might not have been thoroughly auditioned and probably haven’t gone through the necessary rehearsals to create the experience, that I always found worthy of a standing ovation, is most definitely an impact that is going to be felt, especially by big retail.

The light bulb moment…

I was in a retail store late yesterday afternoon, just made their closing time, but was on an urgent mission to help a sick young adult. The red tape, the complete lack of empathy and irrational approach to my ‘pending doom’ (some dramatic licence taken here!) took me off guard as I have been frequenting this outlet for close on 28 years. I have during over the years been a loyal client and, in fact, gone out of my way to support them as they are not in the vicinity, I conduct all my other mundane shopping errands.

On my way home, for the first time in a long time, I questioned the rationale for my loyalty, something I hadn’t had reason to, or have questioned, for the longest time. It hit me – the EXPERIENCE is why I have been going out of my way for the past 28 years. Late this afternoon, when I probably most needed a positive experience, it was as though there was just a VOID. I was a nameless face amongst a sea of nameless faces with a problem that no-one cared about and an assistant trying to convince me not to care about it, to hold it over to a more convenient time. Upon reflection I realised the ‘magic’ had fizzled a long time ago, the barriers to move and avoiding extra effort just seemed like a greater problem then ‘making do’ with what was offered… this had been the order of the day… UNTIL TODAY.

An Ah-Ha moment indeed!

What lies at the heart of this failure is a lack of building the employer brand experience which will deliver the consumer brand and ultimately have an impact on the organisations market value and go a long way to realising innovation investment.

Consider what it takes to deliver a consistent experience for your customers… let us help you create you plan with our page to stage methodology.


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