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We are a consulting agency that collaborates with you to improve Internal Communication and Modern Collaboration practices, across all your stakeholder groups, using the disciplines of branding, marketing, and attention grabbing internal communication; which results in a powerful customer experience that is fully aligned to your business's focus and strategy driven. Our Organisational Change Management best practices will guide your people through change, adoption, and transformation.

Our blog post talk to these issues and offers ideas on how you can improve these aspects in your business.

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You'll need a

Modern Collaboration Platform,

a hybrid solution.


SharePoint | The multipurpose platform, in your pocket!

Unfettered collaboration for people on the move...

TLS Communication is committed to making a positive impact on collaboration communities and the environment they are a part of, whether you are collaborating internally or externally, in person or virtually.

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What We Provide


Technology | Platform Development

Technology without insightful application remains… well… technology! Unlocking the power of what you have is where we’ll start to build your eco-system of tech solutions, we strive to build strong communities, providing insights and listening capability to enhance your messaging. We have credible, trustworthy partners that we partner with to offer tech solutions that improve workflow.


Organisational Change Management

You’re looking at our page because your people need to be guided through change, adoption, and transformation. We nurture the transition your people are going through by using our communication and change management methodologies. We measure adoption to ensure longevity and sustainability through experience creation, resulting in culture creation.


Integrated Communication

Landing messaging that has impact relies on great content. In addition to great content, creative execution that promotes recall is required, which means you need to reach people where they are at. Establishing a consistent familiar communication landscape provides credibility and believability. Our communication hubs are extensive but not expensive – if you have MS365 we can ensure your messaging will land in the right hands. If not, we have other tools you can use.


Idea Innovations

Ingenuity is the birthplace of innovation, change one small thing and it opens the window for great things to happen. We’re relentless in our pursuit of continuous improvement, our ideation and creative execution take your ingenious ideas to a level of excellence in innovation.


Digital Marketing

A digital marketing strategy defines what actions will be taken to achieve business results online. Usually, this strategy has common objectives: Like any form of marketing, a digital strategy begins with identifying an ideal customer persona but, what else should be considered? After all, no matter who communicates on your behalf or which digital platform you’re on, the message is what matters, right? Not always - what about delivering the message?


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to Go Live, ensuring that your business collaboration platform is utilized optimally throughout the organization, with each aspect facilitating transparency and accountability too. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

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Integration is key!

Key benefits of SharePoint


We'll ensure your business collaboration platform is utilized optimally throughout the organization, with each aspect facilitating transparency and accountability too.



When integrated with Email, desktop applications, and browsers, SharePoint enables a consistent user experience to interact with content and discrete processes.

Online Meeting


Scheduled Deployment

A person can build content and submit for approval with scheduled deployment across multiple sites.

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Users are no longer tied down to a single device or network and need access to emails and versioned documents from any browser or device. This makes SharePoint a perfect and convenient application for remote workers.

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